i'm a creep✌ i'm a creep✌
Hey :3
Hello, i'm Cat, i'm 16 years old and I live in Portugal. I guess i'm friendly so just come and say hi, I won't bite ^-^ i'm actually watching: Game of Thrones, The Fosters & Shameless Body Positive Fangirl Pacifist Equal Rights Virgo
I've been taken for . cuties are here, yay c: and (started counting 1st July) I have posts and lovely followers.
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Reminder to you
I love you. you aren’t worthless. you’re worth more than you think you are. you mean a lot to someone. you’ve done something to make someone laugh or smile. you’ve laughed and smiled. you’re good enough. you deserve to be happy. you’re allowed to be sad. you’re you and nothing can change that. and there’s no one else you need to be. I will be there Suicide Prevention Eating Disorder Awareness Depression Awareness
i'm a creep✌

i am the one inside you

i am the one inside your veins


Edit, not mine. sorry if it has already been done.

maybe if you wanted me less, you would have loved me more

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women grow hair on their boobs and their butts and their legs and their arms and their stomachs and their face and really anywhere their genetics decides to have hair and it is perfectly normal what isnt normal is men who have never touched a razor trying to shame women for not looking like a hairless baby

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